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Originally posted by oxymoron67 at It got awfully dusty in here all of the sudden
Originally posted by mountain_hiker at It got awfully dusty in here all of the sudden
"Totally umprompted, our amazing 10 year-old decided to write this letter to Barack Obama, and it made Triton Klugh and I so unbelievably proud. And maybe we teared up a little.

I've refrained from all the political posts, but this is just too close to home to ignore. This is not about President Obama - it's about what's right. So frankly, if you don't agree with the innocent, heartfelt and surprisingly straightforward position of my 10 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER, then please unfriend me because we don't actually belong connected here in the first place."

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My husband was just informed that the firm he has been working for has no money to pay him, they can't pay him his march salary (which we had never gotten) nor April's, and he is now out of a job.

My stress level is at 11 now.
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Originally posted by oxymoron67 at Live long and prosper
Originally posted by mountain_hiker at Live long and prosper

Barack Obama and Nichelle Nichols (Nyota Uhura from Star Trek, in case you don't know)

So cool!

Check out her choker. She's awesome.
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So today is my birthday. Woo hoo! Or, as the girl on the low-carb diet is calling it, My CarbDay. So far I've had a bagel with cream cheese (yum!) and I'll be dining on Thai for lunch and pizza for dinner. And Baby Bites - which are like GOOD cake pops, and not at all gross. I like it because I can get a variety and just have a bite of each. They are like petit fours, more than cake pops, really.

I haven't had pizza or bagels since January, and damn do I miss them both.

I'm also getting my hair cut, my nails done, and maybe getting make-up. I don't currently own make-up, so this would be different. I'm going to a wedding over the weekend,and then my stepson is getting married at the end of May, so I should probably figure out how to do all this sort of stuff.
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I find myself at a crossroads.

My HVAC needs to be replaced. Estimated cost, $6-8000.

My lease is up in May. I hate my landlord. I want my rent to go down.

I've been at this location for 13 years. People know we are a part of the community.

My best buddy owns two ice cream shops. He wants me to consider moving my shop into his places.

This is a great idea, except that the space is so very, very small compared to what I'm used to. Like, a third to half the size.

I want to move. I don't want to move.

My store, right now, is exactly what I want it to be. We've spent money in the past 18 months to get it exactly how we want it.

If I move, my expenses will go way down. Likely, my profits will go up. Maybe. Who knows. If I stay, no way of knowing what will happen, either.

Paralyzed at this point.
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Hahahahahahaha. Joke's on me. Whole HVAC needs replacing. Probably about $6,000. Hahahahahaha.
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We had a lot of angry rain last night, and wind. Lucky for this part of the state that it wasn't any worse. Something about this weather happening in March that had us all on edge yesterday - March and April are when we actually expect tornadoes. The ones we had in January were fluke ones, but this round - these are the ones that come in and fuck your shit up. Yesterday it was 80 degrees and really humid and then every now and then a breezy-cane would kick up.

The local tv weathermen (including James Spann, who has made himself into a brand) work themselves into a lather. On Facebook, people were saying things like "James Spann has his jacket off - things are about to get ugly" and "Rich Thomas is on WSFA with his jacket off. Make your peace with God." Gallows humor, just a bit, considering how Alabama has just been bitch-slapped by Mother Nature the past few years. I figure it's divine retribution for all the shit our state politicians do.

And we had a bit of excitement yesterday - my employee Pam was hanging out at the shop (we weren't busy at all) when she heard a pop and the light dimmed and then more pops and then smoke starts pouring out of the a/c. She flipped the breakers and got out and called the fire department.

Thanks be, it wasn't a fire, but when you get a call that someone has called the fire department to your store... well, yes. Driving like a bat out of hell to get there. And then I got caught in traffic and I was talking to my friend and allll my stress came out when I started just screaming at the fuck-head ahead of me to MOVE HIS FUCKING ASS. Ahem. Yes. I was a bit tense at that moment, since I didn't know at the time that my store wasn't up in smoke.

It turns out that something happened with the copper coil that connects the condenser to the evaporator on the unit, and the freon spilled out, and that's what caused the smoke. The good news is that I don't appear to need a new A/C, but the bad news is I need all new freon - between 8-15 pounds and it's $50 a pound right now. DELIGHTFUL! Plus the cleanup and fixing of the coil. Here, let me use the $1000 I have in my left pocket.

AND to make it more delightful, I'll be getting a bill from the fire department for the visit - $500.
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My Achilles heel is, apparently, my right foot. Two years ago I stepped off a curb and popped a stress fracture in the top of foot. It hurt more than anything should, and pretty much made it so I couldn't do much.

Two days ago my son and I walked to the park. On the way home I stepped on a sidewalk section that had risen up from a tree trunk and rolled my right foot.

It's no longer swollen, but any shoes other than my Alegrias make me a not happy girl.
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So far, so good. I've done some kind of something for four days now. Tomorrow I get to stand at the mall for 5 hours talking about my store, so that's going to be that.

The diet had stalled (for more than a few days) so I bought the Atkins book and I'm trying the induction phase. I think since i was already carb-free, I am adjusting well. Let's see if the weight moves.

I have this fear that because I've lost and gained back so many times, this time my body is going to say fuck you, no. No weight will be lost. You will be fat and you will learn to deal.

I am watching the show Burn Notice. I watched the first season and then something happened with the schedule and I stopped. It's on Netflix and so here I am every night. Watched this close together, all of the accents can get old. Love the Michael/Fiona stuff, though.

The question is, do I keep watching? I'm afraid it will become too much for it to maintain.
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Three years ago, I lost 40 pounds. Of course, I've gained it all back. Plus an additional 12 pounds just for good measure. I AM SUCH A WINNER! Yeah, not so much.

It took a while, but now I'm ready to do something about it. Let's see how this goes. I'm doing the no-carb thing. Basically Atkins. No more than 20 grams of carbs a day. I've lost 6 or so pounds in the first two weeks.

My goal is to lose the first 12 pounds first, then try to get 20 off before summer. Maybe another 30 over the summer. We will see. But first the 12. I have two weddings to go to - one March 17, which is my cousin's wedding. Then May 19 is my step-son's wedding.

Today is the start of Lent. I'm not really Christian, but I like the ritual of Lent. My usual Lent give-up is no drive-through. But with The Diet, that has been taken care of (not too many places I can go now). So instead I am wanting to DO something for 40 days. and I'm a total lard-ass, so 40 days of exercise it is. Nothing hard-core to start with.

Yesterday I took a 15 minute walk. It was nice and I would have gone longer, except my britches were falling down. It was ridiculous. Today I did this video I've had forever - Walk Away the Pounds. I may swim tomorrow. Just as long as I am doing something every day for 40 days.
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